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Known as the Beef Capital of Australia, few realise just how much this city and its immediate surrounds have to offer. But it's hard to go past the fact that beef is a big part of Rockhampton's economy and existence. There are reminders to be found on the Bruce Highway at the city's exit and entrance and within the city where there are statues of Santa Gertrudis, Brahman, Braford and Droughtmaster bulls.

The city's lifeline in the easy days of its settlement was the Fitzroy River. Quay Street, which runs by the river and is easily accessible as part of the Central Business District, is part of the Heritage Route.

If history is a particular passion of yours, why not visit the headquarters of the Rockhampton Historical Society at Old Borough Chambers? Here you will discover a cornucopia of delights associated with the establishment of the Capricorn region.

And the Fitzroy. As it makes its lazy way from its source to the sea it provides pleasure for hundreds of people every day, and for many more that come on the weekend. Rockhampton House Boats are a great way to spend a holiday on the water or you can do any number of activities including water skiing, boating, trying your luck with a rod or just reading a book as the river travels by.

Rockhampton is the birth place of many fine artists, performers and musicians. It is through the city's appreciation of the arts that it has developed a nurturing approach to young people who decide on the arts as their path in life.

Because of this, the city has a world class theatre venue in the Pilbeam Theatre and associated theatres, many art galleries such as the Rockhampton City Art Gallery stocked with works from well-known national and international artists, and the Walter Reid Art Centre which houses actors, weavers, sewers, musicians and artists.

Rosslyn Bay Boat Harbour is the starting point for an adventure where you can discover the Keppel bunker group of islands and the Great Barrier Reef.

The areas of the Great Barrier Reef off Central Queensland are some of the most stunning stretches of the reef in existence, and here you will find a mixture of tropical and sub-tropical fish and coral mixing in crystal clear waters.

Snorkelling, diving, reef-walking or just leaning over the side of the boat you'll be able to appreciate one of the world's great natural wonders.

The islands you can access from Rosslyn Bay include Great Keppel Island - one of Australia's most popular holiday destinations, North Keppel Island, Pumpkin Island and Barren Island. Regular passenger vessels depart the boat harbour for these islands.